Video Production Strategies With EVTV

ProWeb Innovations has developed a strategic corporate alliance with EVTV, a creative design and video production company based in Stamford, Connecticut. For over 25 years, EVTV has been providing video expertise to corporate leaders, agencies and broadcasters. Since 1983, the company has received over 40 industry awards for their projects and programming. Watch some of EVTV´s video productions here, and take a look at their Vimeo account for a wider variety of their productions.

Video Increases Traffic and User Engagement

With the rising use of video on the Internet, search engines have started factoring in the use of video on websites into their results pages. Google and Bing have even gone so far as to look for sitemaps specifically for videos contained on websites. It´s not enough just to include videos, they must be optimized using Meta data, as well as having Title and Description Meta Tags that contain keywords related to business objectives. ProWeb Innovations provides video embedding services for websites, that ensure they are accessible to users across all types of screen sizes and devices.

A strong video strategy offers many benefits for an organization. Video is proven to increase user engagement, conversion rates for goals on websites, and improve placement within the SERPs.

HTML5 Brings New Options and Challenges

With the advancement of HTML5 technology, and the use of the new video tag, all modern browsers have the ability to play video, and audio without the use of plugins. While this is a major improvement for developers, there´s still the disagreement by browsers over which formats to support. Adding to that is the difficulty for making video accessible for the different screen sizes available today.

Let the professional video production services EVTV offers, and ProWeb Innovations support for handling distribution across various platforms be your one´stop solution for your video strategy.

Planning Your Video Strategy

One of the biggest challenges with video is creating content that will entice a user to hit the play button, or better yet, share it on social networks with friends and followers. By hiring a professional video production company organizations can create a more robust, and innovative strategy that not only showcases their products and services, but is also interactive and makes users want to watch and share.

Videos Can Be Used For Much More Than The Web

  • Repurpose into presentations
  • Embedded into emails for perspective customers
  • Played at exhibits, trade shows, conferences
  • Put on DVD and other media
  • Used for sales and customer presentations
  • Viewed in reception areas
  • Used in marketing, advertising, and media relations

Using Video For Product Promotions

Video has been proven to increase conversion rate when used to promote product features.

Marketing Video For Company Facts and Statistics

Video can be used on corporate websites as a marketing tool.

Corporate Identity and Brand Building Using Video

Brand building has become an important part of an organization´s strategy. Showcasing video across web properties has become an integral part increasing brand awareness.

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